Tranquility Region Highlights


Welcome Centre

Here you will find free stores with essential items to start your virtual life with us. Also free home and land costs are detailed inside the Office.

All new residents receive T$500, and those taking a region of land receive T$1000

H20 Nightclub

This club has been regularly number 1 throughout Opensim World. Regular events from Sunday to Thursday with some earlier live events. Live singers and DJs provide your entertainment here

Tranquility Mall

This is a new region with most of our great designer stores, There is also the Halcyon Gloebit Mall growing in popularity

Free homes for new residents

To get you started we provide free homes for new residents for 28 days. Aftre that we are sure you will want to have your own place to call home

Shopping and money

Tranquility bank is next to the Welcome office.