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Your first place in Tranquility. Here you will find various stores for clothes, buildings, scripts , costumes etc........................ and all FREE!

Great Designers


Tranquility Mall is serene and easy on the eye. Great designersare welcomed there with free stores available

Halcyon..our Gloebit Region


This region is for those designers who want to make their goods available to all throughtout Opensim. Use your Gloebit account here, and take your purchases home with you!

See full details below

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Tranquility`s Gloebit Mall

This new mall is designed for those creators who wish to sell to all hypergrid enabled Opensim grids

Beautiful Environment

The area has been created to provide a premium experience. Walk around the grounds, stroll along the paths and browse in the stores

Different Needs, Different stores

Already to go!! We have three different stores in place. These are officially small. medium and large...but small is deceiving. All stores have generous prim allowance with the "rent" just being token amounts

Promotion of your goods throughout Opensim

Halcyon is listed in Opensimworld, so anyone in any grid will find this mall. That will mean increased trafic and possible sales for you!!

How do I start trading at Halcyon Gloebit Mall?

Firstly you will need to have a Gloebit account

Secondly, if you are thinking of trading in other parts of Tranquility create your account at

Thirdly, look at the stores here ad decide which suits you best. Pay the rent box and the store is yours.

Accept the group invite, or contact Jadore or Christian Dior so they can add you to the group.

Thats all there is to it!!

Need help?

If you have any questions please contact Aquarius or Chris Tranquility inworld. Also we have Tranquility Advisors around who can also assist you.

If you prefer, email Chris at: