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Chris  enjoyed helping new residents and creating exciting venues for everyones entertainment so set up his own Grid to continue that ideal. We seek the best live singers and DJ`s available in Opensim. All our staff are there for the guests enjoyment

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Our philosophy

The visitor to our region or venue is the most important thing at that time. If they need help starting out, or need land, free home or just visiting for the event...we will tend to their every need

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Land for all!

We provide land for ALL residents, from free houses on your own parcels right up to 4x4 VAR regions!

Current Single region prices are:

Home Starter (7500 prims) US$3 / mth

Home Premium (16000 prims) US$4.90 / mth

Full (20000 prims) US$7.00 / mth

The NEW New Residents homes on Paradise Island


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We love our customers, so feel free to visit the Tranquility region in Tranquility Virtual grid...we would love to meet you! To learn more about joining Tranquility Virtual see below

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